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1087 County Rd. 4 SW
COKATO, MN 55321
United States
320.2863077 (Main Phone)
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The Warrior Series splitters are designed for residential and light commercial use, and are TM's most affordable splitters.

The TM Warrior 24 inch is a four-way skid splitter fast at splitting average size wood into small pieces. You can remove the four-way splitting wings and split the big rounds. This model is made for splitting logs small enough for a fireplace or indoor wood stoves.

The TM Warrior 30 inch is a single split wedge, and is more aggressive than Warrior 24 inch skid splitter. This model is designed for outdoor wood boilers and large firebox applications.

The TM Heavy Duty is the same as the TM Pro Series, minus the viewing window. It's designed to be fast at splitting big ugly rounds into pieces you can handle.

The TM Pro series splitters are designed for the professional. If you are a tree service company, a wood processor company, or if you operate an outdoor wood boiler, the Pro Series splitters are for you. Featuring a viewing window and large two-stage splitting wedge, the Pro splitters are the fastest and strongest on the market. If you split a lot of wood, the Pro Series will pay for itself in fuel savings, hours on the machine, and labor.

The TM Pro Series splitters are available in 3 strokes. The 30" and 36" stroke have a 5" cylinder for maximum splitting power. The 24" Pro Series splitter has a 4" cylinder for a fast cycle time on the shorter logs.